Femdom Training 101

    Quick and simple guides to help turn that selfish and controlling man into a loving affectionate slave

    Training his mind is just as important as his body. He will need encouragement. Constantly remind him how he's given himself to you and how you cherish the sacrifice -- but he needs this training to really become yours. Associating arousal with pain and frustration is vital.

    There are some things that are mandatory tools to train your mate. These fall into the core categories below. These are the things that truly get into your mates psyche and allows you to dominate them thus making them into a more affectionate and living thing. There are other things that we can do just to push the boundaries of our control, although these are not necessary, they can help reinforce the dominance and at the very least could bring enjoyment and pleasure to you. I will give a brief break down of why each is important along with some suggestions for activities.

    Core categories:

  • Pegging

  • Humiliation

  • Cum eating

  • Denial/edging/chastity

  • Punishment
  • Auxiliary categories:

  • Watersports

  • Long term chastity

  • Sissifying


    This is one of the most intimate forms of dominance. Penetrating your mans arse encompasses many of the core values of this guide; dominance, humiliations, affection, pain, submission and more.

    Although there are many stimulating parts of pegging that your man will enjoy, it may be hard for him to accept it at first. This is where your dominance comes out. It won't be comfortable for him at first, after all you have to break down all those social taboos. If done right though he will begin to crave it as a sign of your dominance and he will even enjoy it.

    To not fall into the trap of being a Dom solely for his pleasure though this is where you will need to change up the size and width of the strap-on at times to continue to cause some pain just to make sure he knows your in charge. Forcing him to suck the strap on before taking his arse is another way to take some of the fun out of things for him and show your dominance.

    Below are some suggested scenarios. These often work well with bondage and ties because it creates a form of helplessness that reinforces your control of the situation.

    Level 1: (gentle)

  • Fingering his arse

  • Using small butt plugs

  • Gently fucking his arse with a small dildo
  • Level 2: (forceful)

  • Using a medium sized dildo

  • Combining pegging with verbal domination (whose arse is this)

  • Fast pace and deep fucking his arse
  • Level 3: (Submission under threat)

  • Using a large sized dildo

  • Not tying him down with as many ties

  • Have him suck the dildo before fucking his arse

  • Have him put on your strap for you
  • Level 4: (Full submission)

  • Have him hold his own ass open on demand while you fuck his arse

  • Tell him to get on his knees and suck your strap-on

  • Randomly tell him to bend over and fuck his arse

  • Have him jerk off while fucking his arse
  • Level 5: (Complete domination)

  • Have him ride your strap on

  • Fuck his arse missionary

  • force him to cum without touching his dick just by fucking his arse

*Cum Eating*

    On the surface your love's semen can seem like an annoyance. It's messy, it tastes bad, and it stains sheets. But actually it is a great tool for training & dominating him. The most common way to use it is to force him to eat it. Normally after a man ejaculates he wants to just relax and not think. He wants nothing to do with sex for a while nor does he have much of a desire to please and listen. So having him deal with his cum after an orgasm is something unnatural to him. He absolutely won't want to do it. Therefore, it will require your firm command and his submission. This is great training since he will be doing many more "unnatural" things later.

    It may take a couple weeks, but when he can swallow his entire load you will know that you truly have dominated your man. Here are some quick suggested scenarios.

    Level 1: (gentle)

  • Take A dab of his cum and make him taste it

  • Kiss him with his cum on your lips

  • Level 2: (forceful)

  • Scoop cum into your hand and force it into his mouth

  • Take his cum in your palm and rub it in his face

  • Level 3: (submission under threat)

  • Have him lick cum from your palm

  • Have him lick it off your body

  • If he cums in your pussy or ass make him eat the creampie

  • * Punish him if he doesn't obey (repeat level 2 again)

    Level 4: Full submission

  • If he's wearing a condom, pour its contents into his mouth.

  • Tie his legs above his head and make him cum in his own mouth

  • Put his cum in the freezer into ice cubes and than have fun (tell him he can either have it melt in his mouth or ass)

  • Level 5: Complete domination

  • Have him cum on your strap-on and make him suck it clean

  • Make him cum in a glass then drink it

  • This is a lesson of your domination and his respect for you. He will NOT want to do this, but he will on your command. Demand it! As he is doing it, enjoy it. Make this a positive event, and FROM THIS POINT FORWARD YOU MAKE HIM EAT HIS CUM.

    Like other categories, this is a critical one to complete domination and will help train him to be more open to other activities like water sports.


    All of the other core activities incorporate this core item as well. We have made it a separate category though because it deserves extra attention. To properly break your mate and get deep into their psych.

    The various levels will also open up your chance for other parts of training. Such has having your mate clean your pussy after peeing will ultimately open them up to water sports. You won't need to fully experiment with full out water sports but should at least push some boundaries to fully train your mate.

    Level 1: (gentle)

  • Calling your mate names (bitch,pet,sub,slave, etc)

  • Having you mate sign a sub contract

  • Write names on slaves private parts (your name, degrading works like slave, bitch, etc)

  • Level 2: (forceful)

  • Wear chastity cage in public

  • Put panties & bra on ur mate

  • Make your mate send you pictures of ideas of punishment for you to perform

  • Level 3: (full submission)

  • Have you mate crawl around with you on their back

  • Take pictures of your mate in compromising positions

  • Spit in your mates mouth and face

  • Put mate in humbler and make him crawl to you

  • Attach anal hook to leash

  • Level 4: (Complete domination)

  • Have your mate accompany you to the bathroom and lick you clean after pissing

  • Have ur mate wear an anal plug for hours while running errands


    A crucial part of breaking your partner is making sure they aren't gaining to much pleasure. Denial and edging is a great way to increase focus on you and prolong the session. Adding a chastity cage to the session not only assists in the psychology of breaking your mate down but also forces their body to focus on whatever torment you choose to inflict. Also the cage allows you to hook a leash to your mates cock and have other fun with it.

    There aren't recommended stages such as the other core sections but here are some ideas:
  • Repeatedly getting your mate aroused than using ice to force them soft

  • Locking your mate in chastity until they are broken.

  • Teasing your mate by licking them while they are in a humbler or other form of torture


    Punishment is the aspect that goes thru all the core categories. Here we will touch on some popular punishments that we haven't already discussed above. Combing multiple punishments are particularly effective.
  • wax play (drip wax while your mate is tied down or while pegging)

  • Clothes pins (attach them to you mates balls and body)

  • Whipping, spanking, flogging & smacking (balls, cock, ass face or any other place desired)

  • Using A535 or icy hot on testicals & anus

  • Anal hook play

  • Humbler

*water sports*

    The act of peeing on your mate can be thrilling and give a huge sense of power because it breaks social norms, humiliates and dominates at the same time. While not necessary to break your make could be a good addition and an extreme fetish for some. Here are some ideas:
  • start by peeing on your mate in the shower

  • Pee while riding their face

  • Make them knee and kiss knowing you are about to pee on them

  • Hold their flaccid penis then tell them to start peeing. If their cock starts to harden with your touch, have them stop peeing until they are fully erect, then lie them on their back while holding their cock and direct the urine on their chest and face.


    Some enjoy stripping their mate of their manhood entirely. Forcing your man into panties, bra, dresses and heels. This is also a common fetish.

  • Start by forcing your mate to wear panties in public

  • Then try putting make-up on him with panties and bra
  • Move onto full dress in home

*long term chastity*

    Long term chastity is a good way of keeping your mates mind on you. For health reasons it is usually only suggested for those living together. Start off the program with a couple days than weeks and so on.

* bonus ideas*

  • The male sub is to put on a dry condom and proceed to cum into the dry condom. Put cum filled condom on dildo or strap on being careful not to spill a drop, poke small hole in tip of the condom and proceed to face fuck male sub forcing him to suck and eat out all cum, when all cum is sucked out, sub is to remove condom licking clean both condom and cock clean.

  • The male sub is to participate in various training exercises during the year including but not limited to; ball stretching, cuckold and femdom hypnosis, ass dilation exercises, kneeling and begging position classes, blowjob and cum consumption lessons, humiliation and pain training, cuckolding as well as other various physical and mental conditioning exercises to learn to bring more pleasure and pay homage to his Mistress.