Chastity Stories

The Strap-On Experience

    Like most masculine men, your husband or boyfriend is likely to strenuously object to and actively resist taking the strap-on at first.
    Just the idea of having something up his ass like that will feel foreign and unnatural to him.
    Treating his tight little asshole like it's just a hole to be fucked will be abusive to him.
    He will feel violated and abused. He'll try to talk you out of it.
    He'll plead with you to stop because it hurts, because it's uncomfortable, and claim that he's afraid it's going to cause damage to his insides. just ignore it.

    He might do childish and silly things, like try to hide the dildo from you. Or not come home until late at night, claiming he had to work, and then say he's not feeling well and beg you ďCan't we do this tomorrow instead?Ē or something similar.

    He might whine and whimper and complain that being fucked in the ass like that makes him feel like a fag. He might engage in all sorts of other efforts to divert your attention away from his asshole and from what needs to be done. Ignore it, and discipline him if necessary. Don't hesitate. Your will must be greater than his.

    When you get this kind of resistance, that's when you need to keep your focus, stay determined, and be persistent. And quite honestly, fuck him a little harder and more often. Switch to a thicker dildo to push reinforce your dominance further. Let him know through your words and actions that his active compliance will result in a more pleasurable or at least less painful experience for him.

    In a FemDom Relationship, it's important during the first few months of his training that he get the strap-on regularly and consistently. As Iíve read and learned from first hand experience, that training must be carefully paced, consistent, and employ an effective punishment/reward system that takes into account a personís individual characteristics. How often will depend upon your situation, but as a general matter, he should be getting it at least several times a week. Mix it up so he doesn't always know when it's going to happen. At night before he falls asleep. In the morning before he goes to work. After work when he gets home. In the middle of the night when you just get in the mood. Wake him in the middle of the night by working the head of your strap-on into your fuckhole. This will help reinforce your authority. Ignore his whining about it. The rewards will come later.

    Because after a while you'll see' something magical happens. Gradually, over time, his resistance breaks down. Deep down inside, like a naughty little boy, he's ashamed of his constant masturbation, and wants to please his female authority figure. He needs discipline. He wants the most important woman in his life, that woman that he loves, to be happy with him, and be proud of him. He doesn't want to disappoint you. He craves your approval. Be sure to praise him thoroughly, when he happily submits to your strap-on.

    This is especially the case if his little penis has been locked up or his orgasms have otherwise been severely restricted. Even more so if you've introduced corporal discipline into your relationship. That's why these two elements ďenforced chastity and corporal disciplineĒ coupled with regular use of the strap-on, are so important during this early stage. All three of them compliment each other, and work together.

    You will notice that the dynamics of your relationship will change. Your authority will increase in direct proportion to how often you exercise it. You are setting the tone for the entire relationship in the first few months. Be sure to set the tone how you want it.

    He will begin to understand that he no longer controls everything. Not his penis. Not his fuckhole. Not his orgasm. He can't even get an erection without your permission. He will realize that he can no longer just do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without any consideration for his wife or girlfriend and her feelings and needs and desires. This is why it's so important to get control of his masturbation habit. Unsupervised or unrestricted male masturbation should never ever be permitted in a FemDom Relationship. The male must never be allowed to cum without permission.

    He will gradually begin to respect your authority. He will gradually get used to having something up his ass, and get used to the size and thickness of the dildo. That is until you get a larger size to continue the training of your fuckhole. Requiring him to wear a good-size butt plug in between fuckings will help with this. Make him wear one anytime you allow him to orgasm. Make him wear one in public. Make him wear one to sleep every night. Make him wear one, whenever he is in your presence. You should also periodically change up the dildos and plus, using different shapes and sizes, so that his body learns to just accept what it gets. Increase the size of the plug and dildos over time to keep the experience intense and challenging for him. No matter how big his cock is, train him to easily accept something at least a little bigger than his own cock. It reminds him who is in charge. If his cock is very small, train him to accept a cock a little larger than you enjoy. I cannot stress enough how important butt plug training is if you are going to REALLY enjoy using the strap on.

    Itís important to remember that you need to break him in slowly as you train his ass to take the strap-on. You also need to fuck him frequently at least 2-3 times a week because between fuckings, his little bitch hole will naturally tighten back up on you. Just go slow at first, use lots of lube, and start out small and thin before you work your way up to big and thick. Having him wear a butt plug for an hour or longer before you strap him helps.

    It also needs to be consistent so that you can get him in the right frame of mind. He needs to expect it and know itís going to happen whether he likes it or not.

    You want to stretch out his fuckhole to the point where after you lube him up, and press the dildo up against it, there is just that initial resistance to penetration, so that you have to kinda maintain the pressure, and then when you thrust forward it just kinda easily slides in and goes in most of the way in so that after a few minutes you can start fucking him with it without resistance or discomfort or pain.

    Start out with a small, thin one, unless heís experienced. After a few weeks move up to a medium size one.

    For the next few weeks alternate between both the small and the medium size one.

    When he gets to the point where he can easily take the medium size one, itís time to introduce him to the big one. remember that each time you transition up to a bigger, thicker dildo, it will be like his fuckhole is virgin all over again. Be patient, but determined. He will feel some discomfort. Thatís normal until his bitch hole opens up and adjusts to the new size.

    After that, you just alternate between the small and the medium and the big one, depending on your mood and the kind of experience you want him to have.

    The small one is for making love and emotional bonding. Itís the one you use when you get the urge to fuck him in the middle of the night, roll him over while heís still half asleep, and just take his sweet ass with it. That kind of spontaneous action is important to do every once in a while because it reinforces in his mind that you own his ass and can take it and fuck it anytime you want.

    The medium size one is for just general fucking and the one you should use most often. Once youíve trained his ass, it should go in quite easily, like a hot knife into butter. You should be able to slide it into his fuckhoel in a couple seconds with no discomfort. You should be able to fuck him good and hard with it.

    You should also get a second medium size dildo that is specially designed and shaped for milking his prostate and draining his balls of semen without letting him cum. These dildos will have a special bulb or knob at the end with a slight curve to it.

    The big one is for those occasions when you really want him to really feel your authority. When you want him to know that heís getting fucked. When you want him to feel it afterwards. This should be rare and special, perhaps 2-3 times a month. This is the dildo you should make him suck first. It should be a good tight fit, and should be uncomfortable for him at first, until you open up his ass with it. It should be the one he slightly fears.

    Over time the big one will become the medium one. This is especially true, if you train his ass with butt plugs. You can humiliate and tease him by talking about how he will soon be able to take much larger strap-ons with no trouble in the near future. The regular and consistent physical training will prepare his fuckhole for your use.

    But it's more than just getting used to things physically. In many ways, the mental and psychological changes in him are even more profound and life-changing. It's during this time that you should require him to start wearing butt plugs, ball stretchers, cock harnesses, cock rings, chastity devices, etc. because it reinforces your authority and his new place in the relationship. If it works size-wise, make him wear some or all of these underneath his business suit to work. And require him to continue to use the men's urinal so he'll be fearful that someone will see his bound and tortured cock and balls. Make him wear a butt plug and ball stretcher to sleep every night. Tell him your toys always have to be ready for you. Explain to him that if he's getting fucked like a submissive little bitch, he needs to feel submissive even when he's not getting fucked by your thick strapon. Make him insert the butt plug into your fuckhole in front of you. Make him randomly drop his pants to show you he is complying with your orders. Make him show you the plug in his ass before he leaves the house to run errands. Order him to help you put on the strap-on harness.

    His body will learn to adjust to his new circumstance. Getting the strap-on will go from being painful, to just being uncomfortable, to just feeling a little weird, to tolerating it, to enjoying it, to craving it as his only sexual release, if you so choose. Spending some time learning how to properly stimulate his prostate as you fuck him will help. This is also a good time, if his penis is locked up, to milk his prostate and drain his balls of semen on a regular basis. It significantly helps reinforce everything that you are trying to accomplish in his training.

    If you have the patience and determination to maintain the discipline, you will see how effective it is. His erogenous zone will slowly start to shift from the head of his penis to the opening to his asshole and his prostate gland. After a while, heíll start putting his ass up for you frequently and spontaneously, like a bitch in heat, because he needs and wants that stimulation. Heíll show much more eagerness in helping you don the strap-on harness. Frequent use of the strap-on, coupled with extended tease and denial can have the effect of essentially re-wiring the pleasure centers in his brain. By stimulating his prostate via strap-on fucking, while denying him any direct stimulation of his penis, he will, over time, begin to associate his own sexual pleasure with anal penetration. You will notice that heíll start to leak semen, while his penis is soft, in drips and dribbles, while you fuck him. Heís not having an orgasm; his prostate is being milked. It is both intensely frustrating and curiously pleasurable for him at the same time. Frustrating because it feels to him like heís always on the verge or edge of cumming, but it never happens. Pleasurable because of the excitable nerve endings on his prostate. Then what you want to do, about once every twenty days, is release him from chastity, proceed to fuck him the strap-on, grab hold of the base of penis (it will be nice and hard for you), but do not touch the sensitive head, and give him a good hard fucking. Then when youíre ready, just barely touch the head of his penis with your fingers, like youíre strumming a guitar, and he will blast off like a rocket. You want him to cum like that while youíre still all up in his ass. After his penis goes soft (and if itís taking too long, use ice), immediately lock him back up. He needs to feel that immediate authority from you.

    Verbal humiliation during this time can be very effective in terms of breaking him in. The first time you teasingly refer to his ass as a "fuckhole" or a "slutty ass" will shock and startle and embarrass him. Ignore it. The first time you tell him that his penis is worthless, that he takes your strap-on like a wanton slut, this is the only way he can orgasm in the next six months and that you need him to take much thicker dildos harder and for much longer, will really get his attention. Tell him you plan to train him to easily take toys longer and thicker than his own cock.

    Explaining to him that you've decided to share some of the more intimate details of your sex life with him with two or three of your closest girlfriends such as that he has a small penis, that you lock up his penis in chastity, that you restrict his orgasms, that he's your cunt-licker, that you like to fuck him with a strap-on, that you make him wear butt plugs almost 24/7, that he has to cum only from your strap-on fuckings, and that you make him clean up anything that drips or shoots from his cock will be extremely embarrassing for him, but it will also reinforce to him how serious you are about changing the dynamics of your relationship. Hinting to him that you may allow one of your girlfriends to watch his strap-on fuckings will only embarass him further.

    After three or four months of this, as long as you are clear and consistent with him, he will stop resisting and stop fighting it. You'll notice it in the way he puts his ass up for you, in the way he holds and cuddles and loves you afterwards, and in the way he eagerly services your cunt to thank you for using his fuckhole.

    Needless to say, he should not be permitted to have intercourse with you during this time. I recommend that he be denied pussy for at least the first six months. Sex, for him, should be strictly limited to him orally servicing you when you decide to let him and fucking him with your strap-on. His penis should not be involved, except, perhaps, for an occasional teasing handjob or footjob without orgasm. He should also be denied blowjobs during this time. He should be made to understand that until he has been trained, has demonstrated the proper level of respect for you and your authority, and has come to accept his new place in the relationship, his penis is simply not worthy of your pussy treasure, or your succulent mouth, or the chance to shoot it's load.

    If, during this time, you withhold your pussy from him entirely, and not permit him to taste it, touch it, or even see it or have access to it, it will drive him absolutely crazy with jealousy, lust, anxiety, and desire. He will do absolutely anything for you, and be happy to do it. He will crawl across the room on broken glass just to smell your pussy. He will eagerly lick you out after he came inside you. Take advantage of this. Explain to him that until he demonstrates the proper levels of respect, submission and appreciation for you, he can only hope to worship your asshole, while you fill his fuckhole with thicker and thicker strap-ons. If you wish to put him further in his place, train him exactly how you want him to orally service your ass hole until you have determined he is sufficiently compliant and submissive to be rewarded with your pussy.

    He will come to accept all of this because he loves you and is motivated to please you. And because you control his penis. You control his ability to even get an erection. You control his orgasms. You control him.

    After a while, getting the strap-on just becomes a normal part of his experience. And you'll see, if you go more than a couple of days with using his fuckhole, your AssLicker will actually start to miss it. He will soon begin to beg for you to fuck his ass with your thick strap-on. Then he'll be not only your AssLicker, but your ButtSlut as well. You decide just how thick of a plug he must wear to bed. How large of a strap-on you fuck him with. You decide when his fuckhole is stretched enough.

    Once a couple goes down this road, there is no going back. Getting bent over and fucked in the ass with a strap-on is a transformative event in a manís life, and for the relationship. Nothing afterwards will be the same as it was before. Take advantage of it. Shape things to your desires. Now you can decide how far you want to push his training. He is powerless to resist at this point.

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